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8 Sisi Bali is a consulting business that specializes in providing expert professionals with excellent service and attention to detail. We understand the importance of finding the right solutions for the unique needs of each client. Our approach is tailored to each of our clients, ensuring that they get the best results. We are committed to helping our clients succeed and make sure their needs are met

Team Members


We are a Service Provider trusted and reliable partner for all your business endeavors in Bali. With our expertise in the field. they offer comprehensive services ranging from establishment of busines to managing your properties in Bali.


President Director

Ms. Deyna Santosa is an accomplished and visionary leader serving as the President Director of PT. Delapan Sisi bali, a prominent and fast-growing service provider company operating in multiple industries. With a career spanning over two decades, she has demonstrated remarkable expertise in steering businesses towards exponential growth and success.



Ms. Jenny Penny is a dynamic and accomplished professional, serving as the Director of PT Delapan Sisi Bali. With an impressive career, she has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and a passion for driving organizational success.

Rangga Hadika


Mr. Rangga Hadika is a highly proficient and dedicated Permit Specialist, serving as an essential member of the PT Delapan Sisi Bali team. Rangga plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and successful visa extension applications for clients from various backgrounds and nationalities.

Setia Ariningsih


Ms. Setia Ariningsih is a highly skilled and experienced Finance staff, playing a pivotal role in the financial operations of PT Delapan Sisi Bali. With a strong background in finance and a keen eye for detail, Ms. Setia ensures the company’s financial stability and growth while optimizing resources for maximum efficiency.

Wiwin Winarsih

Admin Legal

Ms. Wena is an accomplished and highly skilled legal professional serving as the Legal Counsel of PT Delapan Sisi Bali. With an extensive background in corporate law and a passion for delivering sound legal advice, Ms. Wena plays a crucial role in safeguarding the company’s interests and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Naura Alfira


Ms. Naura Alfira  is a highly creative and results-oriented Marketing Specialist, contributing significantly to PT Delapan Sisi Bali. With a strong background in marketing and a passion for promoting the company’s offerings, Ms. Naura plays a vital role in driving brand awareness, generating leads, and enhancing the company’s market presence.

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